Congrats on your free module for our Online Gummy Smile Course!

What you’re getting with this course:

  • Advanced Treatment Planning – Learn to set the right vision and see he finish before you ever place a bracket! Being able to see the final finish will impact every decision you make through your treatment. Once you know WHAT you want to see in their smile, you can figure out the HOW.
  • Bracket Placement – Most Doctors know how important bracket placement is. It’s a skill we are all still perfecting. Once you learn how to set your vision. I’ll show you how to place brackets to get consistent beautiful finishes with great smile arc. We’ll do hands bracket positioning with 3d printed models for one of our new patients before we step into the clinic and do a live bonding!
  • Wire Coordination – One of the things we envision for every case is WIDTH! We’ll walk you through the steps we take to get transverse arch width that stands out in our cases! We’ll do hands on wire coordination as well!
  • Finishing – Once you’ve placed brackets, let wires broaden out, now you can finally see the end in sight. We’ll go over exactly what needs to happen in order for you to push them over the edge to a finish you are proud of!
  • Hard and Soft Tissue Contouring –​ We love when our patients take a look at their smile for the first time and are in awe of what they see! We really take it to the limit when it comes to getting the teeth to look the best they ever have. Hard and soft tissue contouring can take a finish from good to jaw-dropping!
  • TAD’s TAD’s TAD’s – Want to know ur protocols for treating Gummy Smiles? How far to intrusion protocol? How do we Finish? What products we use? How we trouble shoot? We’re going to show it all!

What you will learn at this course:

  • Understand the 5 keys to crafting beautiful artistic finishes.
  • How to consistently place brackets in the posterior and adapting to the anterior for smile arc and beautiful finishes.
  • Understand which wires are best for finishing and how to use them to shape and create beautiful arches with functional occlusions.
  • Understand how to get to the finish after the Pano repo visit.
  • Understand how to polish and contour tooth enamel for an aesthetic finish.
  • Understand how to use the laser to contour soft tissue and achieve great gingival architecture.
  • Understand and feel confident in diagnosing, treating, and troubleshooting a gummy smile correction case. (Protocols will be provided.)

Course Lecture Sample

Course Procedure Sample