Frost Smile Academy

Relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

Hi. I’m Dr. Stuart Frost.

My mission is…..

To elevate our beloved profession to the best of my abilities! I have been practicing orthodontics since 2001 and have aspired to get the best possible outcomes every time I sit down in the chair! I’ve built an incredible team around me to help me make that happen. A few years back I started to brand my finishes¬†The Frost Smile. The people in my community know what that is, what it means, and they come in saying they want it. I encourage every great clinician to do the same.¬† So my mission is to help create as many “Frost Smiles” (or however you decide to brand your finish) as possible!

So, I’ve created the Frost Smile Academy.

I teach and mastermind with other great clinicians on getting the best possible outcomes for our patients!

What it is…

Hands on courses and workshops

We just added a learning center onto our practice that can host up to 30 Attendees! We couldn’t be more excited about it! We also have stat of the art camera equipment so that each attendee can see any procedure we would do in the clinic in great detail! Most workshops people fight for space but here, it’s clear as day!

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Online Learning

We have a great selection of online courses that will help you hone in your skills as a clinician. These courses contain in depth lectures and case studies from topics such as Advanced Finishing, Gummy Smile Treatment, Bracket Placement and more!

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